Fox in Concord Township OH, 2007
Jeff Maass

I was driving home on Monday May 7 from running some errands, and encountered the fox shown below on the road 1/2 mile from my home. Excuse the photo quality - I shot these through my car's windshield! Traffic allowed me to stop my car and watch as the fox wandered away from me on the roadway. I slowly followed him as he moved further away, and he finally left the road into the bush in the same direction he was originally facing. The fox was clearly not in great shape, and subsequent discussion with the folks at the Ohio Wildlife Center (a wildlife rehab center just 1/4-mile from where I saw the fox!) suggests that this little guy has a bad case of sarcoptic mange. They are attempting to trap him for treatment, as this will be a fatal condition for the fox.

[Update 6/10/07: I haven't seen this fox again, and have not heard any news from OWC.]

Fox_1858 Fox_1862 Fox_1863